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Wire Binding Punches


Wire Punch & Binding Equipment

·   Heavy-Duty.

·   20 sheets punching capacity (20 lbs paper).

·   Available in 3:1 or 2:1.

·   14" width punching capacity with open sides for even wider documents.

·   All dies can be independently disengaged, to allow the punching of any size document while preventing partial side-end perforation.

·   Closing capacity:

·   WireMac-31: From 3/16" to 9/16"

·   WireMac-21: From 1/4" to 1 1/4"

·   Metal construction

·   One Year Warranty

SRW & EcoS

Combined manually operated punch and closing machines.

SRW Punches up to 24 sheets, binds up to 120 sheets.

EcoS Punches up to 24 sheets, binds up to 280 sheets.

·   Variable sizes up to 13”

·   Variable margin depth.

·   Selectable punches.

·   Integrated binding desk.

·   Wire comb selector.


The ALL-IN-ONE Wire Punch & Binding Equipment (Punches and Closes 3:1 and 2:1 Pitch Wires)

Based on the best selling WireMac (which has the option of 3:1 and 2:1 Model), the WireMac-Duo has both die sets installed in one single unit, with no need to change dies. This new Wire Binding System is all you need to wire punch and bind from 2 sheets to over 200 sheets!



Heavy Duty Electric Punch & Manual Wire Closer

With its heavy duty punch motor and complete system of functions, Akiles WireMac-E makes wire binding fast, easy, convenient and professional, making it the ideal partner for commercial volume workloads.



The OD-4012 accepts 7 HD style interchangeable binding modules
for flexible space saving and punch & bind combinations. It has the E-Z Change Die System, and comes with both a manual and an auto-reversing feature that prevents jams. The OD 4012 uses 11" (A4) size dies with open sides for wider sheet punching capability. OD 4800 & OD 4000 dies and modules work on the OD 4012, adding additional useful life to existing equipment. It has easy "Paper to Pin" sight alignment, for balanced hole to edge margins on odd-sized applications and features our unique Punch Registration System that assures accurate margins on an 11" (A4) sheet regardless of which die is used. Punching capacity rated at 25 sheets of 20 lb bond, equal to 50 pages front and back on any hole pattern.



·   HD-6500 is a 14 inch (356 mm) open-ended punch that features a two bolt die system for changing punch patterns in two minutes or less. The 6500 was designed for the customer who may change dies less often. It also offers quick, easy set-up: easy pin pulls and pre-set paper stop positions.

·   With a full year's warranty on both the machine and the dies this is truly the most economical heavy duty punch available. Why consider any other punch when you can have the best for less? Punching capacity depends on the punch pattern being used. Rated at 25 to 40 sheets or up to 80 pages of 20 pound bond paper (80 gsm). (15,000 - 18,000 sheets/hour).



·   The HD-7000 is a 14 inch (356 mm) open-ended punch that features the patented "quick change" die system for changing punch patterns in 30 seconds; no tools required and no bolts or screws to replace or misplace. The 7000 was designed with the operator in mind, offering quick, easy set-up including easy pin pulls and pre-set paper stop positions. With a full year's warranty on both machine and the dies, this is truly the industry standard. You need look no further for the best.

·   Punching capacity depends on the punch pattern being used. Rated at 25 to 40 sheets or up to 80 pages of 20 pound bond paper (80 gsm). (15,000 - 18,000 sheets/hour).

HD 7700 Ultima

·   14 " ( 356mm ) open ended extra capacity die:
Punch up to 55 sheets of 11 inch, 20 pound bond paper.

·   U-View waste tray:
Holds up to 150% more waste than any other table top punch & eliminates troublesome overfills.

·   The Accu-Set Paper Stop:
Set-up all hole placements easily & accurately, even on odd sized paper.

·   Diagnostic Display Lights:
Give indications of important machine conditions.

·   Built in Automatic and Manual Reverse:
Providing extra insurance to eliminate costly down time & expensive service calls due to overload jams.

With these new features plus all of the standard features you have come to expect from a Rhino, this Performance Design Punch will handle any size project, large or small. Additionally, when your volume dictates, the HD-7700 can be upgraded later to a fully automatic punch.

As with all Rhin-O-Tuff's the HD-7700 comes with a 1 year limited warranty on both machine & die.

  • Stand Alone Design: The WBM650 modular unit is designed to also work as a stand alone unit, thus no additional “holding device” is required.
  • Open-ended Closing Channel: allows closing of wires in any length, including those wires longer than 14”.
  • Wire Closer Control: provides fast & accurate setup of the wire closer. Gradual adjustment guarantees a perfect wire closing result, regardless of the type of wire being used.
  • Closing Mechanism: Vertical
  • Built-in Wire Holder: holds the wire in position, so that punched sheets can be easily & quickly inserted into the duowire. Works with both 3:1 & 2:1 pitch wires.
  • Built-in Diameter Size Selector: measures document’s thickness, in order to determine the best wire size option.
  • User-friendly Design and Heavy-duty All Metal Construction: guarantee maximum productivity and durability.


• work width up to 360 mm (14.2")
• up to 1.500 closing cycles per hour with or  without calendar hangers
• for all binding elements up to 38 mm = 1 1/2" regardless of pitch
• integrated safety device helps prevent finger injuries and provides optimal operator protection
• solid metal construction, suitable for book binderies, copy shops, in-house printing departments, etc.
• quick and easy adjustment to wire diameter takes only a few seconds
• integrated binding part

• connection: 115 V / 60 Hz or 230 V / 50 Hz
• dimensions L x W x H: 21" x 20" x 8" (53 x 50 x 20 cm)
• weight: 63.8 lbs (29 kg)

  • Smart Detect System: Automatically detects and closes different sized wires with a simple press of a button.
  • Built-In Safety Sensor: The safety sensor is built into the closing system for safe and trouble-free closing without risk of injury.
  • LCD Control Panel: The LCD display and Micro-Adjust keypad guarantees a perfect closure with all wire types and brands.
    3:1 or 2:1 Pitch: Compatible with all 3:1 and 2:1 wires, up to 1-1/2".
  • Magnetic Back: Aligns and holds the wire securely in place during the closing process.
  • FlexiPunch Mount: Optional mount allows the FlexiCloser to be mounted on top of our FlexiPunch Modular Punch Machine.
    Built-In Wire Holder

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